Participatory Irrigation Management


The concept of PIM though exists in the country for, quite some time now but has not yet blossomed. The National Water Policy - 2012 involves Water Users Associations in decision making and participation in planning the project advocating WUAs to be entrusted with statutory powers to collect and detain a portion of water charges, management volumetric quantum of water allotted to them and maintain the distribution system in their jurisdiction.

Ministry of water Resources has been making efforts to promote farmers participation under CADWM programme since 1987. The Ministry recognised the need for a legal framework in the country and during 1998 circulated a Model Act to be adopted by the State Legislature for enacting New Irrigation Acts/ amending existing Irrigation Acts. The legal framework provides for creation of farmers organisations at different levels of irrigation systems. In accordance with Model Act 17 States have enacted/ adopted Legislation for involvement of farmers in irrigation management at different levels i.e. Water User Associations covering cluster of outlets or a minor, distributary committee and project committee.

National Convention of Water User Association Presidents has been convened on 7th & 8th November, 2014 with a vision to provide a platform for multi-stakeholders, consultation and brain storming for making Water User Associations functionally effective, where they already exist and creating an environment for establishing Water User Associations where they are needed. The Agenda of the Convention has been so designed that it ensures providing a free voice to farmers and Water User Associations enabling them to raise their concerns, limitations and challenges for making Water User Associations effective, functional and enabling them to participate in evolving a viable solution to address them. The Ministry envisages providing an open forum for the farmers and Water User Associations to discuss candidly the role of Union Ministry, State Government and Water User Associations at the Forum. Convening the National Level Convention is an initiating step for strengthening Participatory Irrigation Management in the country.





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