National Water Development Agency

The National Water Development Agency (NWDA), a Registered Society under the Ministry of Irrigation( now Ministry of Water Resources) was set up in the year 1982 to carry out detailed studies, surveys and investigations in respect of Peninsular Component of National Perspective for Water Resources Development.  The Government subsequently modified the functions  of NWDA to include the Himalayan Component of National Perspective for  Water Resources Development on  11th March, 1994 and composition of Society and Governing Body on 13th Feb. 2003 & 12th March, 2004 .  In 2006, it was decided that NWDA will   explore the feasibility of linking sub-basins of rivers in States like Bihar.   It was decided that NWDA will also take up the work   for preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) of Ken-Betwa link, which is one of the priority links under Peninsular Component of National Perspective Plan . To enable  National Water Development Agency  to undertake above activities, its functions were further modified on 30.11.2006.  The functions of NWDA as on date are as under:-

a.       carry out detailed surveys and investigations of possible reservoir sites  and inter-connecting links in order

           to establish feasibility of the proposal of Peninsular Rivers Development and Himalayan Rivers

           Development Components forming part  of the  National Perspective for Water  Resources Development

           prepared by the then Ministry of Irrigation (now Ministry of Water Resources) and  Central Water


b.       To carry out  detailed surveys about the quantum of water in various Peninsular River systems and

          Himalayan River systems which can be transferred to other basins/States  after meeting the reasonable

          needs of the basin/States in the foreseeable future.

c.       To prepare  feasibility report of the various components of the scheme relating to Peninsular Rivers

          development and Himalayan Rivers development.

d.       To prepare detailed project report of river link proposals under National Perspective Plan for Water

           Resources Development after concurrence of the concerned States.

e.       To prepare pre – feasibility / feasibility reports of the intra – state links as may be proposed by the States.

f.        To do all such other things the Society may consider necessary incidental, supplementary or conducive to

          the attainment of above objectives.

The composition of Society and Governing Body of NWDA, present status of activities under taken by NWDA and other details are available on website



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