Economic Wing


a)    Economic appraisal of all projects.

b)    Externally aided projects funded by World Bank, JICA, ADB, Germany, etc.

c)    UNESCO

d)    FAO

e)    Matters of IPTRID

f)    NWMP

g)    IHP through NIH

h)    Foreign Training

i)     Raj Bhasha

j)     International Cooperation

k)    Annual Report of MoWR


a)    Matters relating to projects/ programmes with assistance from World Bank, JICA, ADB, Germany, EU, etc.

b)    Proposal for studies / technical assistances from the States for taking up with the external funding agencies.

c)    Matters relating to water issues in various UN organizations such as UNESCO, UN Environment, FAO, etc.

d)    Matters relating to National Commission for cooperation with UNESCO relating to water resources.

e)    Important water issues for discussion in various forum such as World Water Week, International Hydrological Programme of UNESCO, etc.

f)    India initiative relating to International Hydrological Programme through NIH.

g)    Coordination with Department of Economic Affairs and other Ministries on the issues relating to water resources.


a)   Bilateral Cooperation:

(i)           Collaboration / Bilateral Agreements / Cooperation in the field of Water Resources with other countries including signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Capacity Building and Training in the field of Water Resources.

(ii)          Governing Board Meetings of Regional Centre on Urban Water.

(iii)         Coordination with Ministry of Commerce on the issues relating to bilateral cooperation.

b)   Foreign Deputation, Delegation & Training:

(i)           Matters relating to participation of the Indian delegation in the World Water Forum, World Water Week, G-77, etc.

(ii)          Matters relating to attending seminars / workshops held in India and aboard organized by the UN, International Organizations and other countries.

(iii)         Foreign Training and Study Tours by officers from the Ministry of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation and its organizations, sponsored by ADB/ World Bank.

(iv)         International Training conferences and water resources, including International engineering conferences and FAO  conferences, seminars/ symposia/ workshops held in India.


a)    Economic Section creates and maintains the files / records of Economic Wing as also renders general/ routine / miscellaneous assistance, including diary communications, etc.

      Economic Section examines the receipts, put up noting submits them to the concerned officer.

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