Flood Management Wing



Shri J.Chandrashekhar Iyer



The Wing is divided into following Divisions/Sections:-




Senior Joint Commissioner

Deputy Commissioner

Shri R.R.Sambharia



The SMD-I  deals with the following matters:-

(a)          Implementation of Ganga/ Ganges Water Sharing Treaty (1996) with Bangladesh.

(b)          Secretariat work for the Indo-Bangladesh Joint River Commission (JRC) and its Joint Committee of Experts (JCE), Joint Technical Committees (JTC), Joint Committee (JC), Standing Committees and Local Level Committees.

(c)           Studies to be undertaken by Joint Committees for sharing of the available water resources common to India and Bangladesh.

(d)          O&M and other technical works of Farakka Barrage Project (FBP) including Plan Scheme FBP.

(e)          Anti- erosion works along Ganga, Bhagirathi, etc., under jurisdiction of Farakka Barrage Project.

(f)           Joint observations at Farakka (India) and Hardinge Bridge (Bangladesh) on river Ganga   and operation of Farakka Barrage as per Ganga/ Ganges Water Sharing Treaty(1996) and preparation of Annual Reports for submission to the Government.

(g)          Coordinate the studies of availability and utilization of waters of common/ Border Rivers between India and Bangladesh.

(h)          Coordination with State Governments and BSF regarding execution of embankments and  river training works on common border rivers of India and Bangladesh.

 (i)           Examination of multipurpose, major/ medium irrigation project and Power Projects in Ganga basin from international angle in view of Ganga Water Treaty 1996 with Bangladesh.

(j)           CPIO for  FM Wing –All matters related to Right to Information Act,2005



Senior Joint Commissioner

           Deputy Commissioner

Shri RakeshToteja

           Shri  Pankaj Kumar Singh           -


SMD-II  deals with the following matters:-

(a)          Flood Management Programme - release of central assistance for flood management works in the country.

(b)          Plan Scheme namely, 'Flood Forecasting'.

 (c)          National Disaster Management Authority matters related to Flood.

(d)          Monitoring of flood situation in the country.

(e)          "River Management Activities and Works related to Border Areas" Scheme’.





Senior Joint Commissioner

Deputy Commissioner

Shri RakeshToteja



The SMD-III  deals with the following matters:-


(a)          Implementation of Mahakali Treaty for the "Integrated Development of the Mahakali River including Sarda Barrage, Tanakpur Barrage and Pancheshwar Project".

(b)          India Nepal joint projects including Pancheshwar Multipurpose Project, Sapta Kosi High Dam Multipurpose Project and Sunkosi Storage cum Diversion Scheme, Kamla Dam Project and Bagmati dam Project and also other matters relating to Indo-Nepal Water Resources Development

(c)           All Matters relating  to  Pancheshwar Development Authority(PDA) except establishment matters.

(d)          Matters relating to various joint India-Nepal Committees, Joint Ministerial Commission on Water Resources (JMCWR), Joint Committee on Water Resources(JCWR), Joint Standing Technical Committee (JSTC), Joint Team of Experts (JTE),     Joint Group of Experts (JGE), Joint Committee on Inundation and Flood Management(JCIFM), Joint Committee on Kosi and Gandak Projects (JCKGP), Kosi High Level Committee (KHLC), Gandak High Level                 Standing Committee (GHLSC), Power Exchange Committee (PEC) and Kamali Coordination Committee (KCC).

(e)         Survey, investigation and preparation of Joint Detailed Project Report (DPR) of Saptakosi High Dam Multipurpose Project and Sunkosi Storage cum Diversion Scheme. Feasibility study of Kamla Dam Project and Preliminary study of Bagmati Dam Project

(f)           Matters related to Ganga Flood Control Commission.



Senior Joint Commissioner

Deputy Commissioner

Shri M.S.Sahare



 The SMD-IV  deals with the following matters:-


(a)          Upper Yamuna River Board and Upper Yamuna Review Committee

(b)          Matters concerning functioning  of  the  Upper Yamuna River Board.

(c)           Follow up action of Yamuna Water Accord.

(d)          Lakhwar Vyasi, Kishau Dam, Renuka Dam and other projects in Yamuna Basin upto Okhla.

(e)          Tehri Dam and Ganga Development upto Haridwar.

(f)           Matters related to Raw Water Supply to Delhi.

(g)          Matters related to Yamuna Standing Committee upto Okhla including Delhi flood.

(h)          Matters related to e-Governance and implementation of e-office - Nodal officer for implementation of e-office.

(i)            Matters relating to Ganga Basin States.

(j)           Nodal Officer for court cases of FM Wing and Nodal Officer for follow up on Quarterly/Weekly Review meetings for matters related to FM Wing.

(k)          CPIO for FM Wing –All matters related to Right to Information Act,2005.

(l)            Steering the implementation of balance works of North Koel Reservoir Project.

(m)         Nodal Officer for CPGRAMS of FM Wing.



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