Administration and Ground Water Wing


Wing Head: Joint Secretary (Admn/GW)


1.       Administration - – All administrative and establishment matters of the Ministry (Sectt.), Training, APAR, SC/ST/OBC Cell, e-Leave, Implementation of Bhavishya software for dealing with pension cases online in respect of the Ministry including its Attached/Subordinate Organizations, Appointment of Consultants, service matters of Pancheshwar Development Authority (PDA), etc.

2.       General Administration - Procurement and  maintenance of office equipments, stationery, Staff Cars, Issue of I-Cards/Pass/CGHS Card, Engagement of casual workers, Reimbursement of medical claims, Installation of telephones & settlement of telephone  bills, Liaison with CPWD/NDMC/MCD and other civic bodies, etc.

3.       Establishment-I - All administrative, establishment and organizational matters pertaining to Central Water Commission, maintaining Cadre of CWES officers.

4.       Establishment-II - All administrative, establishment and organizational matters pertaining to:-

o Central Soil & Materials Research Station (CSMRS)

o Central Water & Power Research Station (CWPRS)

o National Institute of Hydrology (NIH)


5.       Establishment-III - All administrative, establishment and organizational matters pertaining to:-

o Ganga Flood Control Commission (GFCC)

o Farakka Barrage Project (FBP)

o Upper Yamuna River Board (YURB)

o Brahmaputra Board.

6.       Coordination Section - Circulation of Annual Report of the Ministry, compiling and furnishing of various reports/returns in respect of the Ministry to other Ministries/Departments, Issue of Independence/Republic Day passes to officers,  matters related to Persons with Disabilities, Public Grievances, etc.

7.      Ground Water - All establishment and development matters related to CGWB including Budget, bilateral, technical development and projects.

8.       e-Governance - IT functions and implementation of e-Office in the Ministry/Coordination with Attached Offices/Subordinate Organizations in e-governance.

9.       Externally Aided Projects - Policy Matters relating to projects/programmes with the assistance of WB, ADB, JICA, DIFD, UNESCO etc.

10.   IEC Issues relating to carrying out mass awareness activities/ programmes on water conservation under the Information, Education & Communication Component of HRD/CB Scheme.

11.   Represent MOWR on the Board of WAPCOS Ltd.

12.   National Hydrology Project - World Bank Assisted project to improve the extent, quality, and accessibility of water resources information, decision support system for floods and basin level resource assessment/planning and to strengthen the capacity of targeted water resources professionals and management institutions in India.

13.   International Cooperation - Matters related to cooperation with foreign countries in respect of water issues, multilateral/bilateral agreements/cooperation including signing of MOUs, Foreign Deputation and Training etc.


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