Minor Irrigation Statistics Wing



i)          Implementation of Central Sector Plan scheme ‘Rationalisation of Minor Irrigation Statistics  ( RMIS).’

ii)         Supply of information pertaining to Minor Irrigation to various Divisions of the Ministry, Planning Commission, Central Water Commission, Central Ground Water Board, etc.

iii)        Conduct of Census of Minor Irrigation Schemes on quinquennial basis, ad-hoc methodological studies and Sample Survey on Status of Minor Irrigation Schemes.

iv)       To review the performance of Statistical Cell created in different States/UTs under RMIS scheme.

v)        Release of funds for Statistical Cell in States and UTs under RMIS schemes.

vi)       Release /revalidation of grants in aid to States /UTs for conduct of Census and Sample Survey of MI Schemes.

vii)      Collection of Quarterly Progress Report on development of Minor Irrigation from different States/UTs, scrutiny of data and finalization of All India/State wise figure relating to potential created /utilized in respect of Minor Irrigation Schemes.

viii)      Collection of Quarterly Progress Report on Intuitional Finance for the development of Minor Irrigation Sector and compilation of figures relating to State/ All India an Intuitional Finance.

ix)       Sample check of the data collected in the Census/Sample Survey of Minor Irrigation Schemes by States/UTs.

x)        Analytical studies on Minor Irrigation.

xi)       In addition, rendering technical advice to different divisions/ organization on statistical issues including compilation & analysis of data and Publication.


Rationalization of Minor Irrigation Statistics Scheme:

The Centrally Sponsored Plan Scheme “Rationalization of Minor Irrigation Statistics (RMIS)” was launched in 1987 with 100% Central assistance to the States/UTs. The aim of RMIS scheme is to build a comprehensive and reliable database in the Minor Irrigation Sector for future planning. The major activity under the scheme is the All India Census of Minor Irrigation Schemes conducted quinquennially in the states covering all ground water and surface water Minor Irrigation Scheme. Since the XI Five Year Plan the RMIS Scheme has become part of the Central Sector Plan Scheme “Development of Water Resources Information System”.

·       The first census of Minor Irrigation Scheme with reference year 1986-87 was conducted in the States/UTs and the report was published in November 1993.

·       The second census with reference year 1993-94 was initiated in September 1994 and the report was published in March 2001. The information in respect of adoption of newly development technology of Water and Energy Conserving Devices such as Sprinkler and Drip Irrigation System and use of Non-Conventional Energy sources such as Solar Pumps and Wind Mills was collected in this round. For the first time the census data was computerized with the help of National Informatics Centre and the results were put on Web Site of the Ministry.

·       The 3rd census of M.I. Scheme with reference year 2000-2001 was conducted in 33 States/UTs. The report was released in November 2005.

·       The 4th census of MI Scheme has been conducted with the reference year 2006-07. The report of the Fourth MI Census is available on the Website of the Ministry.

·       The 5th census of Minor Irrigation Scheme will be conducted with reference year 2013-14 using traditional methodology.

The data collected in the Census is utilized for formulation of the proposals for the Five Year Plans. The census data is also utilized for estimation of Ground Water Resources by the Central Ground Water Board. In addition to this, Central Water Commission and various Wings of Ministry of Water Resources, etc. use the Census data extensively.

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