Status of Ground Water Development

The stage of Ground Water Development in the Country is 61%. The development of Ground Water in different areas of the Country has not been uniform.  Highly intensive development of ground water in certain areas in the Country has resulted in over-exploitation leading to decline in the level of ground water and sea water intrusion in coastal areas.  Out of 5842 numbers of assessment administrative units (Blocks/Taluks/Mandals/Watershed), 802 units are ‘Over-Exploited’, 169 units are ‘Critical’, 523 units are ‘Semi-Critical’, 4277 units are ‘Safe’ and 71 units are ‘Saline’.

Categorization of Blocks/Taluks/Watersheds as ‘Over-Exploited’ and ‘Critical’ (pdf 29.2 kb)

Last Updated on:19/09/2014
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